Role Graphic Designer  

Category Brand design


Client Design Brief

Tools Illustrator, Photoshop

Brand Story Amelia has finally taken the huge leap into opening up her very own shop. She wants to be able to create unique pieces of clothing for the individual person. Each customer will be in complete control of the article of clothing. From thread, fabric, buttons, etc! All of it! This way each piece is made perfectly to last for years.


Goal Persona is a brand all about slow fashion and uniquely made pieces for each individual. Persona needs a main logo, sub logo, color palette, packaging, and business card.


logo 1@2x
color palette@2x
logo variations@2x
price tag@2x
logo 3@2x
logo 4@2x
tissue and bc@2x
logo 2@2x
tote and cards


I'm actively seeking opportunities in Branding and Graphic Design. If you are interested in my work, I would love to chat over tea in Seattle—or given the circumstances—videochat!