Hi, I'm Lena

I am a curious individual, a creative soul, an efficient teammate, and a freelance a graphic designer.


I graduated from the University of Washington where I majored in Communications with a focus in Human Centered Design and Engineering and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have also received a visual design certifcate from General Assembly.


I am looking for brand and graphic design opportunities.  I'm eager to gain perspective and knowledge from hands on experience. I would love to work with a company or organization that I can grow and learn with.

Fun Facts


This was the most successful one-take-jumpshot I have ever accomplished.

I am, PROUDLY, a cat lady.


And I was born the year of the tiger so it's mandatory to take pictures with any and all other fellow tigers.

I am that friend that likes to pull over on the side of the road for an impromptu photoshoot. 


I'm actively seeking opportunities in Branding and Graphic Design. If you are interested in my work, I would love to chat over tea in Seattle—or given the circumstances—videochat!