Role Graphic Designer  

Category Brand design


Client Jeeny Chung

Tools Illustrator, Photoshop

Brand Story Jeeny is an extremely talented photographer. She has experience in everything from studio shoots to nature to weddings and is now looking to create a brand to represent her work.   


Goal  Jeeny wants a logo that will work on a new business card and also work for a website. It is important to incorporate Jeeny's preference for earthy, green, and warm tones in her branding.

color palette
color variations
primary logo ex
primary logo
secondary logo
logo submark
bc mockups-10
bc mockups-11
bc mockups-12
bc mockups-13


I'm actively seeking opportunities in Branding and Graphic Design. If you are interested in my work, I would love to chat over tea in Seattle—or given the circumstances—videochat!