Role Graphic Designer  

Category Brand design


Client Creative Glow Challenge | Abi Connick

Tools Illustrator, Photoshop

Brand Story Funky Frames are a new business that creates unique, colorful, and quirky-shaped mirror frames. Perfect for adding some spice to your room. The idea is that you'll fall more in love with the way you look even more because of the colorful and quirky mirror that makes you smile more than an ordinary mirror.


Deliverables  Funky Frames is looking to portray their fun and quirky side through their new branding. The deliverables include a primary logo, logomark, color palette, and business card. They would like to avoid perfectly symmetrical shapes, circles in particular. They want a real sparkle in their branding.

primary logo
Artboard 34
Artboard 4
funky frames
funky frames
Artboard 4 copy 3


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